Content lenght - is it possible to extend it?

  • 10 November 2020
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Once we moved our content to the Community, we lost the ability to post our Release Notes as web pages and therefore, fixed items are no longer could be searched as we post Release Notes in PDF format now.

This is mostly related to the content lenght limitation which, as I correctly rememeber, is 20 (or 40?) thousand symbols.

Is there any way to extend this value? We also tested Product Releases feature but had no luck with implementing it in our process.

3 replies

Hello @Julian,

At the time we reviewed this module, it didn’t have proper product categorization which is critical for us.

As for the content length: the average Release Notes length is around 30k characters, not including HTML markup. To make sure, I would say 60k is enough. But, for example, our Known Issues still not going to fit even in this length because they take around 100k symbols with HTML markup).

I assume, this restriction applies to all page of community then? If you are planning to include Release Notes/Known Issues for your Product Updates module, this is what we will need for sure.

This will also require adjustments in processes on our side (having this limitation made us generate PDF files/use our own Wiki which has no limitations for this purpose), so I’m checking on the overall possibility.

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Hi Irina,

thank you for letting us know about your challenge here.

Do I understand correctly that you already tried it using the Product Updates module?

I need to verify this, but the character limit might be set higher there. Technically, it is not a big chalenge to raise this. However, as it would change this value for all communities, we have to be sure this is the best thing to do.

How many characters does such a Release note have normally?

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Thanks for the detailed update, Irina!

I will relay this information to the product team - I personally am not in the picture here as to what the plans are around this, but the use case and the challenges with it seem pretty clear to me.

I would also recommend you to create an idea about this in our ideas section. Not just that it helps to understand if there is more demand from other users, our product team will then also get back to you once they are reviewing all ideas.