Terms & Conditions

Users must treat one another with respect. Users will not post any racist, insulting, sexist, discriminatory, threatening or otherwise insulting comments, will not use coarse language, make inappropriate jokes or otherwise harass other users.

Users will not post any pornographic or otherwise offensive material.

Moreover, users are not permitted to:

  • hinder the functionality of the forum by repeatedly placing the same text or characters
  • hinder the functionality of the forum, the website and/or other computers or systems of the organization or other users,
    which actions include:
    • the distribution of viruses;
    • the hacking or otherwise gaining access to computers or systems of the organization or other users;
    • the deleting of files on computers or systems of the organization other users;
    • using the forum for (commercial) activities such as the advertising or sale of products or services, the sending of commercial messages (spam), the offering of (interactive) games or the advertising of other chat forums or websites;
    • using the forum for illegal activities and actions, such as the trade in soft and hard drugs, the trade in, or distribution of (child) pornography, the trade in, or distribution of, mp3 files or other unauthorized reproduction of works protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights;
    • use of the forum that is contrary to the law, self-regulation rules or ethical codes;
    • slander/libel. In case of negative experiences with persons/companies, keep your message general and refrain from stating (company) names and/or personal particulars (such as telephone numbers, email addresses);
    • making use of anonymous proxy servers, so-called anonymizers or open proxies to conceal the own IP address. Any breaches of the rules below will lead to permanent blocking of the account, without advance warning;
    • failure to observe the instructions of the editors/moderators;
    • approaching moderators by means of a private message;
    • requesting answers and/or responses by private message or by email;
    • using someone else's identity;
    • using more than one username.
If a user is of the opinion that the behavior of one or more other users is contrary to the house rules or otherwise unlawful, he/she can report the user.

Users will refrain from any activity or comments that give the impression that he/she is charged with the (active) supervision (i.e., is moderator) of the website.

If the organization ascertains that a user is acting contrary to the house rules or otherwise unlawfully, appropriate measures will be taken.

The organization can, for example, edit or delete messages from a user or request that the user personally revise or delete the messages. Also, the organization can temporarily or permanently deny a user access to the website (ban). The organization accepts no liability for any losses or costs incurred by the user as a result of the organization using its authority as described above.


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How we use cookies

Information we obtain from cookies are used to analyze our community. We use this data to adjust the community to your personal preferences. Finally, when sending information about our products and services, we can take your previous interest for certain pages into account.

Cookie setting

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Refuse cookies

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