Anyone have any tips for tag management?

  • 27 October 2022
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We often get multiple versions of the same tags that involve multiple words: some with a space in between, some with hyperlinks, some with a slight variation on that feature or phrase. 

Does anyone do any moderator maintenance or clean up of duplicate tags? Any best practices or effective approaches? Any easy ways to bulk update tags on the posts you want to clean up?

(I’m talking about public Tags, not moderator tags, but open to any insights)

3 replies

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Hi @ddpancratz 

During my Knowledge Management days this was one of those evils that is unavoidable. If you give users the ability to ‘free type’ you can end up with all variations.

That is part of the goodness of a relevance platform that synonym and associations can be both manually fed and learnt.

Unfortunately I always think of it a laborious yet necessary task.


@Julian has a guide on how to manage tags below.


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Wow, thanks for sharing that guide, @Alistair FIeld. Somehow I missed that Insided tool. It looks like there are robust options for editing, removing, and merging. Much more than I expected!

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Great to hear that you find this feature valuable - I also think it is quite powerful, especially on older communities it can save a ton of work!

When it comes to best practices, the first thing that came to my mind: Try to speak your users language. There might be some features / areas etc. where your official names are not matching whatever your customers are calling it. I sometimes found out way too late that certain user-generated keywords performed much better than our official content, simply because this is what users were searching for. Of course it will also make it more likely that users add such tags…