New platform firewall rollout

  • 1 September 2020
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Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce the roll out of a much improved platform firewall that is currently now in operation on everyones community.


Why is it needed?

We all know the internet is full of malicious actors, on a normal day there are over 20 thousand individual attacks against the inSided platform, this new firewall is about keeping our customers and users safe by keeping these bad guys away from the platform.


What does this do?

Technical details aside, the firewall is designed to block malicious users with a number of ways to mitigate:

  • Denial of Service (dos) attacks
  • Content + header injection
  • Bad actors and bots

It uses intelligent detection to guard all requests to the platform, inspecting the submitted content for thousands of known attack vectors.


This is great but how does it affect me?

If the firewall determines that the user is a bad actor they will be served with a 403 Access Denied message and code. There is a possibility that in certain very rare cases some legitimate users could also be blocked, this could be due to unexpected content submitted or an unexpected network or web browser configuration. If this is ever encountered then please do just submit a support ticket to and we can adjust things immediately for you.

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