Who I'd like to thank today....

  • 10 March 2021
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Just a shout out to Tom from the Insided tech support team. I’ve been badgering him (that’s a very English expression!) with a lot of questions about cookies lately, and Tom’s been super helpful, and patient.

It’s very much appreciated! 

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On top of that, I think I’d also love to shout out to Kenneth, Tom, Daniel and Julian as well, not least for being amazing at keeping up with the huge pile of bug reports I’ve been… Erm... “Sending in”… Over recent months. And for the welcome, even if I can’t respond to one of them! As it turns out.. Yes… You can also use your own community manager as a minion for this purpose. :innocent:

Unfortunately however… Someone will have a shock when he next checks the leaderboard and finds himself in 3rd place for this week and second overall. It seems as if Daniel has finally taken the crown. :wink: