The inaugural inSider Olympics! 2022 Edition

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Howdy! Some of you may know me as the evil genius who dominates the OVO Forum all the time, but I have other tricks hidden away as well. :)

What inSided doesn’t know, is that I’ve had a mole hidden in Amsterdam over the last year, silently watching over the team and totally not obviously invisibly hidden inside a totally normal looking one-way mirror next to that giant painting of @Julian in the office, which surely can’t hide a sekrit broom cupboard big enough for a mole… Right? That mole has been reporting statistics to me all year and I've compiled them into what I’m calling the inSider Olympics.

The crowd is going wild, the excitement is in the air and my mole is currently fleeing Amsterdam before he gets discovered. So with that, lets meet the contestants!

First, there’s Julian, the mysteriously invisible visibly community manager on the inSpired Community. Some say he’s still deeply hidden at TomTom, and that he still has a GPS capability that can navigate you anywhere in the world… As long as it’s in the inSided office.

Then there’s Kenneth, the totally invisible CSM for OVO who loves to chat with me, but then forgets to reply to my PM’s for three months! :D

Our third contestant is Tom. He’s a support guru that knows basically everything about inSided, except the identity of the mole. That’s classified of course!

And finally, the even more mysterious duo Robin and Wouter. Except we never really see them that often and neither does the mole… Hmm...

And there might be a few more…

So with that out of the way, let the games begin! There’s five events and it’s all to play for!

Event 1: Forum posts on the inSpired Community!

My mole was having trouble doing this one, because apparently the inSided API doesn’t allow random strangers to make requests to it. So instead, he had to make a rough guess. I’m pretty sure it’s accurate, but without knowing for sure, it’s a best estimate.

Julian thinks he dominates this event, but oh no! @Jeanie Lee stormed past him at the last second and the new Community Manager is rapidly catching up, leaving Julian with just the Bronze medal. Oh dear. Never mind, I’m sure he’ll make it up soon!

Gold: Jeanie Lee

Silver: *Censored because the new community manager is a sekrit*

Bronze: Julian

The crowd goes wild for Jeanie Lee and she’s setting the stadium on fire already! Slow down Jeanie, we still need the stadium for more events yet! XD

Event 2: Most Points on the inSpired Community!

Fresh from the first event, comes a classic. This is where Julian is usually known to excel at, but this year there’s a twist. We’re not looking at the all-time points score this year as the organising committee has decided it’s too difficult to manually calculate. Instead, we’re just looking at this last week. Which is much more exciting! Right…?

Apparently, they also wanted to Julian-proof it or something. What that means is beyond me sadly. :(

Anyway, here’s the stats! Marion dominates this event, leaping straight for the gold medal so fast that no-one even notices. And then Seb happily scoops a silver medal in a far more olympic capable fashion. And bringing up the rear with a well deserved bronze is Matt Enbar who just pips Julian to the medal.

It’s not looking good for Julian today…

Event 3: Most Support Requests Resolved!

One for the Support Guru here, but will Tom Shaddock take the win, or will someone else grab the medal instead? Let’s find out!

Gold naturally goes to Tom Shaddock with so many thousands of requests solved, that it’s impossible for my mole to figure out the exact count. Silver goes to the robo server hamsters that work the support desk and keeps the queue tidy on behalf of the humans. With lots of support request resolved messages sent out, my mole had to give them some recognition.

And bronze is hard because the data got corrupted. Never use gnomes to do a goblins work! Sorry about this folks. Apparently, Pilar Loofs got the bronze medal, but something doesn’t seem right… Sorry folks, Pilar Loofs cheated and is disqualified, so there is no bronze.

Event 4: Most in office days!

The big event is coming up and the crowd is getting a bit rowdy, perhaps because Julian is up to something? Meanwhile, Tom is too busy celebrating his only eligible event to notice we’ve already moved on. Time for the trap door trick!

This one is for who spent the most time in the office since inSided launched 10 years ago.

And what’s this? We have a Double Gold Winner?!?! Oh no, we’ll have to smelt more medals for this because no-one can beat Robin and Wouter for dominating literally every inSided forum ever.

Silver goes to Kenneth because he somehow sneaks in after hours without setting off the burglar alarm. How that ninja does it is way beyond me.

And Julian finally scores a bronze… That's not right though, surely?

Event 5: Bonus Event! Most Best Answers

Traditionally Julian’s favourite event as he always scores gold.

But wait? Breaking news! Apparently Pilar Loofs isn’t happy about being disqualified and hacked the server, so the data is corrupt. All three medals therefore go to… Erm… Pilar Loofs?!?!?! And then Julian hacked the entire inSider Olympics to give himself all the medals. Oh no! This is gonna take a whole year to fix! The crowd is booing and jeering, but there’s nothing we can do. Sorry folks!

Come back next year for the next instalment!

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