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  • 4 December 2017
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Hi everyone,

A former colleague of mine recently shared an interesting article with me on the topic of machine learning & AI in a community & support context.

I’d like to share it here, too, and thus start engaging in an ongoing conversation where all of us have the opportunity to find & share relevant content worthwhile reading.

So, without further a do, I’ll start with this:

What articles - or books - have you come across recently that were relevant to your job? Are you subscribed to any blogs, newsletters, podcasts (you name the format) to keep up to speed on what’s happening in the professional Community & Customer Support world?


5 replies

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Hey Mathis!

Thanks a lot for sharing, quite interesting tool that they are using.

Of course it heavily depends on the context where you are using this: My users were so active that I would receive multiple "flags" from superusers within minutes after posting, also I had developed some kind of intuition in detecting topics which probably need moderation...

I also have some links to share, shoutout to @Ditte who most likely has shared one or two of these links with me back in the days.

This one does not directly cover communities, however I think that some of you might have an added value in checking it out:

This website displays logical errors people very often commit when they try to win an argument. I actually learned from this to easily "debunk" false statements or arguments from very negative users. So in case you have a number of very negative users who are on a crusade to convince the world that your company is evil, read this.

I also found this article an interesting read:

It explains why some rewards are actually counter-productive and shows other interesting ways of activating your community.

This one is also nice: 6 Things Rock-Star Community Managers Never Do

It shows some best practices and might contain a point or two which you have not thought about yet.

Last but not least: Why You Shouldn’t Answer Every Question in Your Community

This is quite common knowledge, but still might be interesting for some of you.

Would be great if more people would share helpful links in here, I think there is still a lot to discover for everyone of us.


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I remember those, @Julian :D
I have a whole bookmarks folder called "community musings" where I save interesting content that I've stumbled over during the last 6 years.

One of my favourites is this one:

The article is three years old, but the lessons are still very relevant, and 'easily' actionable, in particular to new community managers and young communities.

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I have a whole bookmarks folder called "community musings" where I save interesting content that I've stumbled over during the last 6 years.

And then you share a total of 1 link? 😃

Well, next time you stumble over something that might be interesting for us as well: sharing is caring. 😉
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Hahaha fair enough! Here's a few more:
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great stuff, thanks!