Escalate A Community Post To Zendesk - a brief tutorial

  • 9 April 2019
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Sometimes community members post issues that can’t be solved by the community, like a bug with one of your products, or an issue that’s unique to their account. In this case, one of the best routes to a solution is to pass the customer’s issue on to your support team. Using our Zendesk escalation integration, your moderation team can quickly escalate any question, conversation, or reply to a Zendesk Support ticket. Save yourself time and eliminate the frustration of switching between different platforms!

This guide covers both how to set up the integration, and how to actually use it.

How To Install the Zendesk Support Integration

Please make sure that:

  • [inSided Control] you must be logged in as a community manager or administrator to connect a Zendesk Support account with the inSided platform.
  • [Zendesk Support] You must be logged in as an administrator in order to generate an API token.
  1. Generate an API token in the Zendesk Admin interface.
  2. Go to Control Integrations Apps Zendesk.
  3. Enter your Zendesk API token, your Zendesk Support subdomain, and the email of one of your Zendesk agents/administrators and hit ‘Install’.
  4. The integration is now set up.

How To Escalate a Community Post To Zendesk

Please make sure that:

  • You’ve connected a Zendesk Support account to inSided (following the steps above in "How To Install the Zendesk Support Integration").
  • You’re logged in as a moderator, community manager, or administrator.
  1. Navigate to the post you want to escalate to Zendesk in Control.
  2. Press ‘Create Zendesk ticket’
  3. Edit the ‘Subject’ and ‘Public Reply’ if needed.
  4. Press ‘Create’.
  5. After you create the ticket, you’ll see the message: ‘Zendesk ticket has been created’ - this will remain attached to the post in Control.
  6. When you click on the ‘Zendesk ticket’ link, you’ll see the ticket on your Zendesk Support instance, so that you can follow it up and check in on its status.


🎯 A link to the original topic on the frontend, where any user can view it, is automatically appended to the Public Reply for your Zendesk agents.

🎯 We automatically add a tag 'community_escalation' to all tickets created using our integration, so you can easily report/filter on tickets that came from the inSided platform.

⚠️ Whether the ‘Requester’ (the author of the post you’re escalating) receives a notification about the creation of a Zendesk Support ticket, including the ‘Public Reply’, is dependent on your Zendesk Support settings (see Zendesk’s knowledge base for detailed instructions on setting up triggers).

⚠️ It’s better to carry out moderation tasks before escalating a post, rather than after. Converting the content type (question, conversation) of an escalated topic, promoting an escalated reply to a new topic, and moving an escalated reply to another topic will all delete the escalation.

⚠️ Articles cannot be escalated into Zendesk tickets by default, as articles are official company content which can only be created in the control environment. Replies to articles, and all other posts can be escalated to Zendesk.

💎It’s not possible to escalate a single post to Zendesk more than once. It is possible to escalate multiple replies from the same topic.

🎯 You can set up a custom view on Zendesk for these tickets by using information from the description (contains the following string: 'This ticket was generated from:') and channel (‘Web service (API’).

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