Which 'Phrases' row applies to the top left 'Log in' text?

  • 14 October 2020
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Hey peeps, 


I am trying to change the ‘Log in’ text used by users when they haven’t registered or logged in. 


Currently it only says ‘Log in’, and I want to change this to ‘Log in / register’ - can anyone help me work out which option in Phrases this is. 


I thought I ID’d it here, but no changes took effect from what I can see:



Best answer by Julian 14 October 2020, 16:44

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3 replies

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Hey Tim!

I think the phrase you are looking for is:

Common / main.navigation.login

Could you try and let me know if this worked?

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Thanks @Julian but I’m unable to find that phrase. 


Stupid question but would this be in the ‘Phrases’ section or am I looking in the wrong place?

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Oh sorry, I assumed you know. :)

Under [Customization] - [Phrases], you can simply click on “add phrase” in the top left to add this phrase. In the menu, add these codes and your translation (in this case you won’t need to add anything to the “plural”-field). Save the new phrase and then test if it worked.