• 22 September 2021
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How do I get a list of Upvotes on a particular post? Details of the voters on a post, basically

2 replies

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Hi @Cornelia there’s no way to do this out of the box - you’d have to enter the topics you wanted to see this information on via the front end e.g on this topic: 

If you hover over this element you’ll see which users specifically 



If its idea votes you’re after, then this information is available on the idea itself:


Now if you’re looking to extract this idea information into report form - you could in theory achieve this via these 2 api calls:

In these calls there should be a “votedBy” object which will give you the numerical user IDs of the users who upvoted the idea.



The likes information can be retrieved with this endpoint:


Same principle applies - you should see “likeSet” object, again with the user IDs of the users who liked the topic.


Hello, thank you. However, I want a report of all the upvotes, the details of each user instead of just their user names, I would like a detailed report of their user name, full name, email address, company etc.