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  • 5 November 2021
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Hi there! Hope everyone is going great. 

I’ve noticed that google doesn’t give any indication about whether or not a question has received a best answer. See below 


But this question has in fact a solution - see here. Any idea why this is the case? Im assuming this happens to all solved questions we have. 

I’ve read this post by Julian that says: “Did you know that Google uses your community content to highlight answered questions on a search results page? Frequently asked questions will be highlighted with the answer right underneath”. 

Am I missing a trick? 


2 replies

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This has gone under everyone’s radar so tagging @Julian as a last resort measure :sweat_smile:

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haha thanks for tagging me, it indeed slipped my fingers, I must have been swamped at that time, sorry. :(

So in this case, it might not display that it is an answered question because Google does not know that you were looking for this in the context of a question.

From my experience, Google will highlight content as an answered question if the user types in a question. There might be other scenarios where it will also generally display it as such, but I cannot guarantee this. Pages about Google enhanced results unfortunately do not give me as much insights as I would like to have, so also for me some aspects remain unclear.

I just quickly searched by pasting in the question in the opening post. On mobile, it highlights it as expected:



On desktop, it does not look as nice for reasons that are not clear to me. Google does indicate that there is a top answer, but it is not as prominent as on a mobile viewport:



I suspect that Google has other definitions of these enhanced results on desktop devices that we cannot influence.