How can I see who is a certain rank WHEN it happens?

  • 20 November 2020
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I must be missing something simple. How can I see who is a certain rank? I just changed the requirements for one of our ranks and then rebuilt it. I now have 4 people in my superhero category (I had 3 prior). 

How can I find out the 4th person? 

  • You can’t filter by rank on the user page.
  • They don’t show up in analytics immediately. 
  • There’s no way to search by rank on the front end.
  • I have it set to send a private message from me to congratulate them, but I don’t see that private message at the top of my messages either. 

What am I missing?

2 replies

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Update to this. I found him by filtering by our 25th answer badge (one of the harder ones to get), which narrowed down my list significantly.

Maybe I just need to create an idea to be able to filter users by rank ...

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Hey @Kgastaldo, thanks for looping back! Indeed, I think what you’re after is the ability to filter the user overview by rank - submitting an idea for this would be great! Otherwise, my suggestion would be to use the User Export, if you need an immediate view (which I understand isn’t very convenient).