How To Create An Article

  • 11 December 2017
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Want to add some oomph to your post? Got some explosive news and want to feature it with an equally-explosive image? Or perhaps you’ve written up some mind-expanding tutorials that you’d like to highlight on your community?

With articles, you can boost the visibility and quality of your posts with the help of featured images and labels.

How To Create An Article

  1. Go to Control > New Article.
  2. Choose ‘Article’ as the topic type.
  3. (Optional) Choose a premade article label or add your own (this will be displayed to your members - see how it'll display in the images below).
  4. (Optional) Add a ‘Featured image’, and crop it using our in-browser tool if necessary.
  5. Publish your article immediately, or save it as a draft to come back to it later.
🎯 Added the wrong label? No worries - you can still edit or delete the label, even after publishing your article.

🎯 Found an even more breathtaking image for your article? View the article in Control to edit its image.

🎯 Articles can only be created from Control. It’s a bit elitist, we know.

Click below to see how various featured images and labels appear on the community:

⛰Topic view

⛰Category overview of article

⛰Homepage view when article is featured

8 replies

want to create an article, but I don't see 'arti,cle' as topic type? I only see 'question' and 'discussion'?
it this related to branded templates (which I don't have)?

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Hi @Ellen

Articles are indeed only available on Branded Templates.
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It's taken us a while but we have just published our first article. :)

Super users only for now but we'll do the same for end-users once a new feature we're working on goes life.

Articles are cool! 🙂
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Will it be possible in the future to give the selfmade labels a different colour? I can imagine this can come in handy when using different labels as 'Blog', 'F.A.Q' and 'New feature'.
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Hey Monique - nice idea!

Why not submit it on our ideas board for the product team and other members of the inSpired community to discuss? 😎
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Will do, @Frank 🙂
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Why can't you create those Articles through the community, instead of Control & Forum & Create new topic?
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Hi Moller,

The reason articles can only be created via Control is so that only 'trusted' users can create them (moderators, admins, employees with custom permissions). The vast majority of use cases for articles are for official company content, such as announcements, blog posts, and knowledge base articles.