Can you hide past events?

  • 16 March 2023
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Is it possible to hide events that have already passed? They look to still be searchable in our community and that is a little counter-intuitive I feel. I didn’t find any setting that would help with that.



2 replies

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Hi @cstrange, for now, it’s not possible to hide events. Past events will show on the Events page under the Past events header, as well as be findable through search. This was built by design, since past events typically link to recordings, resources, etc.

I’d like to better understand your use case, though. In which scenarios would you like to hide past events? And would hiding mean completely removing it from Destination, and only remain accessible for Control users? 

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Hi @Seb

This topic was brought up because we don’t include recordings on past events - instead we post a conversational thread after the event so that we can continue the conversation with attendees. Having the past events show up from search could be a negative experience if they see an interesting topic, and then learn it already happened. That would be our reasoning, since this is the current functionality, I can think through how we might make this experience better for customers.