It is possible to know members location?

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I want to build a report of my community and I was wondering if it is possible to know where, literally, are my members. 
I cannot see it on dashboards. Is it possible to access the demographic data about the members? 


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Hiya @Juliana Spinardi !

I don't think that this is possible directly within the platform, but there are options that you can use.

Out of all the options I can think of, Google Analytics is probably the least complicated to set up and if you configure it correctly, you can get the location data you're after without hoovering up too much information.

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Thanks, @Blastoise186 

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I have an optional user profile field for country that people can choose from and we can export that as part of the user export. You could certainly make that a mandatory field at signup and get the data you need. Or hold a contest in your community to get people to complete their profiles.