User roles - overview of permissions and what they do

User roles - overview of permissions and what they do
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Custom user roles are used for two purposes: Grouping users and managing permissions. In this article you can find an overview of all custom user roles, and what rights they give to a user when you assign them.

General information

A custom user roles sits "on top" of primary user roles. This means that, if a primary role gives a user the right to e.g. access something, a custom user role cannot take this permission away from them. If you want to learn more about primary user roles and what they do, you should check out this article.

With the exception of ‘Upload files to posts’, all of these custom user role permissions grant access to Control.

If you’re on a pricing plans with a limited number of seats, it’s good to be aware that granting a user a custom user role with one of these permissions will increase your seat usage.

Overview of custom user role permissions


This will give users with this custom user role access to the Analytics section in the Control Environment. Users with this role therefore can:

  • view the Dashboards
  • Request and download exports
  • Request and download post field analysis data

Forum moderation

With this custom user role, users will get general access to the Control Environment, where they can do the following:

  • See community content and moderate it (access to "Forum overview" and individual topic moderation)
  • Use advanced filters and search

Note: If you are using a SSO-login, a user will not have a password. So to be able to log in to the Control Environment their password needs to be changed/defined in their user profile page before they can acutally access.


This custom user role will allow a user to:

  • (un-)assign custom user roles to a user profile.

Note: For creating/deleting custom user roles, a user needs to have the rights located in "custom roles".


This custom user role will give a user the right to

  • Visit and send private messages from the inbox in the Control Environment
  • Mass-pm users in the Control Environment (send up to 50 pm at the same time)


With this custom user role, a user can:

  • Access and change the homepage settings (incl. Quick links, recommended content, etc.)
  • Access and change category settings (manage permissions, delete, create, etc.)

Profile fields

This custom user role gives permission to:

  • Access and change/delete/create profile fields


Owning this custom user role will enable a user to:

  • Access and change/delete/create ranks


By assigning this custom user role, you will give a user permission to:

  • Access and change/delete/create Badges

Custom roles

This custom user role will give a user the right to:

  • Access and change/delete/create custom user roles
  • Assign/remove custom user roles for individual users

Note: This custom user role is very powerful, as it manages permissions and a user could abuse it to give him-/herself more rights (and take over your community). So handle this with care.


Having this custom user role gives a user permission to:

  • Access Phrase management (adding, changing, removing text strings on the community and email notifications)


When a user has this role, he/she can adjust the visibility of the platform (making the community private access via password / offline / change forum description)

SSI Settings

This role gives permission to add / change / delete the SSI settings (adding, changing, removing SSI code for Header & Footer)

SSO Settings

With this role a user gets access to the SSO login setup (if applicable for your community).

Embeddable Widgets Setup

This custom user role gives permission to set up and change the look and feel of the embeddable widgets

Upload files to posts

When users have this custom user role assigned, they will be able to upload files to their posts (in both the Front- and Back-end).
Note: This only is relevant if file uploads generally have been disabled for all users


With this custom user role a user can:

  • Change the styling of your community
  • Create/change the favicon and share image

More tips & tricks

Here you can find more interesting articles around custom user roles and what to do with them:
Hidden areas on the forum - a step-by-step guide
Primary user roles - what they stand for

Of course, should you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!



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What permission level or setting is required to give an employee the ability to post an Article?

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For this, a user would need the “Forum Moderation” user role. With this they can create content and see it once published.