Is there a way to use Zapier to remove Custom Roles from a user?

  • 25 October 2022
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I know with Zapier you can add a Custom Role when a new User is added to the community. Conversely, is it possible to remove a Custom Role when a new User with certain filters are added to the community? 


Essentially, we have employees who are logging into the community via our customer SSO portal, which is marking them as a Customer custom role we have. I’ve set up the Zap to add the Employee custom role to their profiles, and I’d like to remove the Customer custom role. 

(Yes, I know I should just set up the employees to log in properly that would classify them as an Employee. That is something we are doing internal training and enablement for, but the snowball is rolling down the hill and we have a lot of employees registering for the community in the meantime). 


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Hi Tiffany,

Interesting usecase and indeed a very typical thing where a Zapier workaround would be warranted.

Unfortunately we do not have this as a built-in Zapier step.

You could use the API for it:, which you could call from Zapier, to get a token you could draw inspiration from the Zapier webhook-article, though you should note that in general we do not recommend storing your credentials in Zaps.