User activation: The activation funnel

  • 25 October 2017
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In this article, we explain the activation funnel. The activation funnel marks the stages through which users of a community can evolve from registering, to becoming a super user.

The image above displays the activation funnel. The percentages next to the funnel are the benchmark conversion rates, or through-put rates from one stage in the funnel to the next. These numbers are benchmark, and thus on average what we have seen happening in multiple, different communities. The different stages in the funnel mark different types of activity of a user. These will be explained below.


A visitor of the community is a person that visits your community web page, but does not register (yet). Only a mere 1%, on average, of people that visit a community web page, will continue to become registered users.

Registered user

A registered user is a visitor of the community that has decided to register to the community by creating an account. We see that almost half (43%) of registered users go on to becoming active on the community.

First activity

When a user has posted or commented for the first time, this marks his/her first activity on the community. Over half (53%) of these users, on average, become returning members and will post more times than this one instance.

Returning member

A member will be marked a returning member when he/she has posted in the community 5 times or more. Only 3.2% of these users become what we call engaged users.

Engaged user

A user is considered an engaged user when he/she has posted in the community 25 times or more. 16% of these users will evolve to becoming a super user.

Super user

Super users are the most engaged users in your community. We consider someone a super user when he/she has posted more than 100 times in your community.

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