Why should I implement an exit survey and how?

  • 20 July 2017
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Exit surveys can provide valuable feedback about the behavior and experience of the visitors (and members) on your community. An exit survey will provide you with important insights, for example about call deflection. Usually, companies maintain active partnership with a number of online marketing software vendors that will supply them with solutions like exit surveys. inSided has experience in implementing many of such solutions. If there is no vendor preference already, inSided consultants can recommend one.


InSided is able to implement an exit survey on the community through a code snippet provided by the client (e.g through Usabilla, SurveyMonkey or Kampyle). The exit survey can then, for instance, be triggered as soon as a user navigates over the navigation panel of a browser. The settings of the exit survey can be set-up according to you preferences. Below you will find an example of most common settings.

Exit survey is shown:

  • to 1 in 30 visitors;
  • when the survey is shown a cookie is set (expires in 30 days);
  • after 30 days the cookie is expired and the survey might pop up again for that specific user.

The main criterion for being able to implement an exit survey without any restraints on normal project planning and cost, is to work with a HTML snippet which includes (java)script that will be loaded client side after copying it into the community templates. A hosted javascript URL that is responsible for setting up the survey is also supported.

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@Maryam do you know if Outgrow is on the list of recommended vendors?

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How about Satismeter? https://www.satismeter.com

And so many more options that just exit.