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  • 8 September 2021
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Hey all! 

Does anyone here use Insided for their Community and Intercom as their support tool and external knowledge base? 

I’m looking to better understand how other teams: 

  1. Connect their Intercom Articles to Community posts (i.e. how do you cross-reference all of your self-serve content?) 
    1. I wish we could have federated search with Intercom Articles and Insided Community posts - have any of you built this on your own? I’m wondering how heavy of a dev lift this process is.
  2. Connect live chat with Insided, if at all

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you :)

4 replies

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Hi @jzhang,

I moved this post into the integration section and made it into a sticky topic. Hopefully more users will see the post when browsing through integrations. 

Hello, I came her to ask the same question. Ideally we could federate search into the Community directly from Intercom instead of having to take up more real estate on our web app. 

Or, have the InSided widget federate search into both the Community and Zendesk which means we only have to take up 2 real estate spots for self-serve.


+1 from me here! Would love to hear more aobut how others are using InSided knowledge base articles to help deflect support ticket submission by suggesting relevant articles upfront (ie between drafting the ticket + hitting the submit button). 

Curious if anyone in this thread was able to advance their integration between Intercom and Insided. I’m working through this exact challenge right now.