Review your integrations with our integration checklist

Review your integrations with our integration checklist
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Generating traffic is vital for every community. Integrations in key locations will ensure a constant stream of new users and activity. A powerful integration will also present content of your community where your customers might get stuck. Do you think you have your integration strategy fully optimized by now?

Our checklist will not just show you some inSpiring examples and best practices - it also includes new ways of steering users in a much more efficient way.

How to do the check
If you want to do the check then download and read the PDF. While reading
  1. check if you are following all of the recommended basic integrations. These are an absolute must have.
  2. Advanced/additional integrations will accelerate your success. While they are not as fundamental as the basic integrations, they are powerful boosts for traffic.
  3. Also go through the list at the end of the document for more inspiration and quick wins!
You can find the checklist attached to this article.

Share your experience
Do you have a cool integration which was not covered in the document? We are interested! Let us know in the comments!

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