How to change meta titles and meta descriptions

  • 24 October 2018
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Me and our SEO expert are currently working on optimizing SEO for our community.

We have two questions:
  • Is it possible to manually change the meta titles of topics and subforums? If yes. how?
  • Is it possible to manually change meta descriptions of topics and subforums? Again, If yes, how? ☺
Thanks in advance!

3 replies

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Hey Hiewwaiy,

Its not possible to change the meta titles or meta descriptions of subforums or topics, you can only add a meta title and meta description for the community as a whole.

I can see why for a growing community this might offer value, but for mature communities I think this would be very unsustainable if you have thousands and thousands of topics, so thats part of the reason we've never added this option for topics 🤓

But if you think we should have the option for subforums, be sure to post it in the ideas section!
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Hi Alena, I've just added two new Phrases to control for you so that you can change the meta description for your community. If you've questions doing it, then let me know!
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Hi, Shane
Our Community interesting the same questions as a @Hiewwaiy
And can we change title description in a main page ?