How do you manage links to pages that no longer exist?

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What do you do to the user generated topics and posts that link to a site page that no longer exists and therefore receive a 404 error?

Do you edit the post and change the link or just archive the post? 

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Hi Vanessa,

I think this is highly dependent on the type of post and if the post still has value without the link.

E.g. a post explaining a popular topic; a post getting a lot of organic search traffic; or a post with 20 links of which three are broken; they all still provide value and I wouldn’t archive them.

On the other hand, if it’s a pots that’s little more than “check this link”.. yeah, I would definitely archive it, since it’s not providing anything to people visiting the post. It’s wasting time and cluttering up the overviews.

If you know a good replacement link, that might be worth the effort too, but again, it’s all dependent on the particularities.


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Check out my reply here on how you can redirect links for posts you archive


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@ddpancratz is absolutely correct if they link to items on the inSided platform. I read your question more about dead links to other platforms / the wider internet.