Has anyone been able to integrate (fully or partially) with Hubspot?

  • 26 May 2021
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I realize it isn’t technically a supported integration (yet), but curious to know if anyone’s had luck leveraging an API to execute integration here — Hubspot is what my team uses for our CMS, and we’d love to be able to pull in data from our Community to get a 360 view of our customers and their level of brand engagement. My company is getting ready to launch our community (woo hoo!) and we’d love to hit the ground running!


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Tagging my colleague @rcochran to share what we’ve done / be a better resource than I might be. 

We’ve integrated community registration with Hubspot and just yesterday finished using hubspot to automate some gamification efforts: 

Individuals come into hubspot > hubspot groups them by companies > certain companies (ex. our staff) trigger a customer user role > custom user role triggers a custom rank to call out certain personas (staff, Partners of various levels)

Now that they’ve added some group activity data (joins and exits) we plan to write that data to hubspot records to unlock a few things: 

  • more robust demographics and dashboarding in our CRM of group demographics
  • personalized email marketing (our newsletter) via lists built off group joins
  • personalized email onboarding to the community using automated workflows + lists built upon group joins, etc.