Filter on Custom User Profile Fields

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Filter on Custom User Profile Fields

While doing discovery on the recently released filters on the User overview, we heard from you that the true insights into your user base lie in the custom User Profile Fields. That’s why we’re happy to announce that starting today, you can filter all your users on the custom User Profile Fields you’ve set up!

Filtering options

You will now see all of your custom User Profile Fields in the Filter dropdown on the User overview. Depending on the type of filter you’ve set up (text, list or date), the you’ll be able to find users that match a string of text, a list of items or before or after specific dates.

Showing columns in the user table

Apart from filtering, we’re now enabling you to toggle which custom User Profile Fields you’d like to see in the table. To do so, you can click on Columns and select the ones you’d like to add to the overview. 

Quick recap: custom User Profile Fields

Custom User Profile Fields are the fields you’ve set up to be either filled in on the registration page, or when users edit their profile. Common use cases for this are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • Department
  • Job title
  • Country
  • Etc.

You can read all about setting up those fields in our knowledge base article.

What’s next?

Being able to find interesting segments of users is one thing, but we want to take it further in the next improvements, which we’ll launch over the next few months:

  • More filter operators
    Right now, you can only filter users where the conditions are true (for instance, when username contains x, or when role is y). In the upcoming release, we’ll offer more operators to also allow you to find users where a field doesn’t contain your string or selection, or filter out users where a certain profile field is (not) empty.

  • Create and save user segments
    Being able to filter is one thing, being able to save those filters as a segment is another. This will allow you to quickly open the same filters again, but also to track how many users are in one segment or the other (for instance, see the percentage of New users vs. Champions).

  • Apply bulk actions to users
    After finding a specific segment of users, you’re likely to want to take an action on them (i.e. assign a role, add to a group, award a badge, etc.). Our new bulk actions will allow you to do just that, and make managing users less time consuming.

We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know what you think of this improvements, and what other improvements would help you manage your users better.

Awesome to see this. Critical to making this useful and actionable are the segments and bulk actions coming soon.

@Seb any chance we’ll see the search field updated to also search across all these custom field values and not just email and username? Right now it’s nearly impossible to find a user by name.

Another couple suggestions:

It would also be helpful if custom fields allowed for you to search for and show those that contain any value or that are blank. For example, I have a custom field for those with a Twitter or LinkedIn profile. The filter option there can only be “contains” which limits the options to find those who may have a twitter account that we could follow.

It would also be nice to be able to export the resulting list of matching results, not just view them in-app.

@Seb any chance we’ll see the search field updated to also search across all these custom field values and not just email and username? Right now it’s nearly impossible to find a user by name.

+1 on all of @Scott Baldwin’s comments, but especially this one ☝️

This is a big step forward and I’m excited about it. (Thank you!) But my biggest pain point is that my first instinct is to search (first/last, company, etc) and those fields aren’t searchable. I hope that is on the roadmap or gets considered for future enhancements.