A brand new pending overview 🌟

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A brand new pending overview 🌟

Keeping your communities safe and all posted content relevant and appropriate is extremely important for us. That’s why our platform has different capabilities to check the content before being published, in the form of the spam detection, a content duplication check, option for users to flag and report posts, and automatic content checkers like the keyword blockers. Each of these mechanisms have an associated state assigned to the content piece: spam, flagged, trashed, and pending. Today I’m happy to announce that we have released a new pending overview that not only looks better than the old one, but it has been completely rebuilt to offer your moderating teams more reliability and full cover of all types of content created by community members. 


New UI & UX for the pending overview


Selection of multiple topics shows available bulk actions

Just like on the old page, you are able to select multiples items from the overview and apply the bulk action you need - you can either trash the topics so they do not show up on the global moderation overview, you can mark them as spam if you think they should have been caught by the spam detection (this always help improve the algorithm), or you can approve them in one click if you think they should become visible for the community users. 


Approval flow on the topic moderation page

Approve button available on each post in a thread

Maybe before you make them visible, you would like to closely review the entire content and perhaps edit out the more sensitive part of the post. For this, you can easily navigate to the topic moderation page and once the edits are done, you can approve the post right from that page. 


Ideas and replies on ideas and product updates are now supported with the pending state

When registered users submit an idea or reply on a product update, now this content will be checked against the pre-moderation rules just like the rest of the content types & their replies. This has been a functionality gap that required full refactoring of the way we handle pending content, the way it is being displayed on the pending overview and how it is being approved. 


We hope you enjoy this upgrade and if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to share it with me either in the comments or via email! ( 📨:

Hi @Cristina 

I love the Update! 

Could I make one suggestion, in the control environment, it would be great to have bracketed numbers next to the Pending section, highlighting how many Pending comments, topics etc are waiting. Much like what is their for the Spam option. 



We have an announcement in our control environment that our pending overview shall be changed on April 14th- it still hasn’t. Is there an ETA for this change?