🚉 Email campaigns feature indefinitely postponed

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We’ve taken the heavy-hearted decision to indefinitely postpone the email campaigns feature - read on to learn more.

Stability issues and investigation

Back in December 2020, we announced the public beta for a new email campaigns feature.

During the beta we encountered stability issues, which resulted in multiple emails being sent unintentionally to the same users. As a result, we immediately disabled the email campaigns feature across all of your communities, since we no longer considered the feature ‘beta ready’.

We investigated the root cause of these problems, and identified significant architectural changes that we’d need to make to ensure the quality and reliability of the email campaigns feature.

Investment paused in email campaigns

As a result, we’ve decided to pause further investment in the email campaigns feature for an indefinite period, and instead prioritise other capabilities (more details in our next roadmap update, coming soon on inSpired). That means the email campaigns feature is no longer on our roadmap and will not become available for use anytime soon.

When we decide to reprioritise this functionality, or have any updates at all around this feature, we’ll let you know via this topic.

Apologies and some suggestions other tools to use as a substitute

We apologise for any disappointment caused and the delay in following up on this. We will certainly be taking learnings into our future initiatives (for example, more rigorous testing for scalability, before attempting to release).

For now, if you’d like to send email campaigns we’d recommend using our user export or Salesforce/Zapier integrations to build mailing lists and send emails to your community via tools such as Hubspot, Marketo, or Mailchimp.

We hope this clarifies how and why we've come to this decision - if you have any questions or feedback, please us know in the replies.

That’s a bummer, but I appreciate the honesty and transparency behind it.