Create content on behalf of another user

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Create content on behalf of another user

The most popular idea on our ideation board is to be able to change the author of a piece of content. While reading through the different use cases you brought up, we identified two places in time when a moderator needs to set the author as a different user than themselves: 

  1. During content creation - which covers use cases like ‘ghost writing’, ‘content calendar preparation’, ‘subject experts with limited availability’. 
  2. Post content creation - which covers the use cases like ‘employee leaving the company’, ‘taking ownership of a content piece from an inactive author’. 

We decided to follow these two needs in our product discovery and break it down in smaller increments of functionality that will build up together in a robust solution for all the use cases you mentioned. 


Overview of the feature capabilities 

The feature we’re releasing covers the ability to publish articles or product updates on behalf of another community member. From the moment the moderator chooses another account to be displayed as the ‘author’ of that topic, that user will be displayed in the community as the author, starting with the preview version.

Once the topic is published: 

The selected author will receive the notifications related to that topic’s activity, the gamification rewards, and will be visible in dashboards and analytics. 

The creator will be displayed in Control in the version history and on the scheduling information. After the topic is published, the creator will not be displayed on the topic moderation page or on any overviews. 


Learn more about how to create content on behalf of another user:


We hope this new features will enrich your content creation flows and empower your team to bring relevant content on your community. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. :) 

Great release!


Any info on how to implement this new feature? 

@timcavey it works for me! I randomly got a first pop up with a CTA to try it out. that happened 20 minutes ago while I was editing a random idea in the backend 😊


yep it works for me also. :sunglasses:

Exciting! Thanks for delivering this idea.

Love it!!! Thanks for prioritising this, it’s gonna be a big help :)


On our community we experience the challenge of customers sharing more than one idea in one topic. We already submitted the idea for the option to spilt an idea into new ideas:


However it would already be helpful if you could create an idea on behalf of another user. In that way we can service customers how share multiple ideas in one topic. Is this something you are already considering to also implement for ideas? 

So happy to have this feature! Thanks!!

Super useful feature! Can you explain how it works for the post content creation case? I’m not able to find the way to edit the author oince the article is published.

Hi @jscoup currently you can only create a topic on behalf of others. Changing author after publishing is not available yet. :) 

Very nice feature @xiaoyu-shen @Cristina. Next: change the author of an already published article/topic. ;)

@Paul_ vote here: 


Awesome release, great job InSided :)