Hidden Phrases: Change text on the "set username" page (SSO registration)

  • 5 February 2019
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If your community is using an SSO-login, then your users only will need to define a username and agree to the terms & conditions. In this topic you can find the details to change the phrases for this page.

Why this information?
Some text strings on the community cannot be edited with our live-edit tool, e.g. when you can only see a text string when you are not logged-in. In these cases, you will have to add the phrase manually. For this you will need to know the codes so you can add it via the Control environment in Control → Customization → Phrases.

Page title
Module: Common
Key: pagetitle.set.username

Module: Forum
Key: Choose your username. This name will be displayed in the topics and responses initiated by you.

Module: Common
Key: setUsername.form.username.title

Placeholder text username
Module: Forum
Key: Enter an unique username

Module: Common
Key: setUsername.form.email.title

Placeholder text email
Module: Forum
Key: Enter your email address

Terms & conditions
Module: Forum Terms
Key: I accept the {terms}.
Note: This phrase uses a variable to automatically include the link & name of the terms & conditions page

Module: Common
Key: set.username.submit

Note: There are a bunch of other phrases not displayed here (e.g. error messages):

  1. Forum | An forum account is already existing with e-mailaddress {email}. Because of this we can\‘t create a new account for you. Please {loginurl} with this e-mailaddress.
  2. Forum | sso.maillink.send
  3. Forum | sso.mailnotification.check
  4. Forum | sso.mailnotification.send

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Just what I needed - thank you.