🎁 Widget Management is now available!

🎁 Widget Management is now available!
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Note: this topic has been updated on 27.05.2020


We released Widget Management for your communities and are extremely excited about it. 😀


What’s available? 🎁

Widget Management allows you to configure the widgets displayed in your community sidebar.

Your community makes use of three sidebars:

  • General sidebar: Default sidebar for all pages of your community.
  • Topic sidebar: This sidebar appears on topic pages and replaces the general sidebar.
  • New: (dedicated) Homepage sidebar (only accessible via the homepage customization mode)

In Control, you will have access to the 'Widgets' menu option, go to Customization > Sidebar to see it. From here you can:

  • Enable widgets
  • Disable widgets
  • Reorder widgets position (set the right order)
  • Change settings per widget

How Tos

We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature. If you have an idea for a new widget to add to the library let us know in the comments below 👇

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Hi @Yoeri

How is the "Solved topics" widget configurated ? What are the topics featured ?

Thanks !
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Hi @Tiou

The "solved topics" widget displays a list of questions (from the entire community) that have a best answer. The list is sorted on answer date. In control you can configure the title of the widget, the amount of topics you want to display and assign the widget to both the General and Topic sidebar.
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The list is sorted on answer date.
That's what I wanted to know ! Thanks !
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We’ve just introduced leaderboard in our community and I wanted to replace our old “Most liked users” with the new leaderboard. We have a “Leaderboard” widget available in Sidebar configuration, but it is not actually the leaderboard.

Do you have any plans to introduce the “real” leaderboard here? @Yoeri 


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Our ultimate plan and vision is to move the sidebar configuration to the customization mode in your community and allow you to customize your sidebar there. So one day you’ll be able to add the point-based leaderboard to other sidebars as well

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