Why did we launch the inSpired Community?

  • 21 December 2016
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Since we like to introduce all new community projects on inSpired, I would like to fill you in on inSpired too. This topic gives insights on why we launched the community, what you can expect here and who we will invite to join.

As all projects start, we started by creating an objective for the community which resulted in:

We like to empower you as a customer, by creating a thriving community to connect you with peers and inSided, share knowledge and give your input that enables you to build better communities.

When I got in touch with some of you before launching this community, you gave me many reasons why this community would be interesting for you. The main reasons I heard were:
  • Sparring / problem solving - Talk to peers that encounter the same issues and have the same questions on a daily basis.
  • Follow inSided - What are we working on? What can you expect / what went live recently
  • Platform experience - Experience modules/functionalities
  • Support - Find & ask for information on how to best use the platform. Innovate by sharing ideas for new features & platform improvements.

We tried to involve these things in the community as much as possible. We also want to use our Ideation module in the community and do that for specific roadmap items. For example when we improve the search functionality or to co-create the editorial module.

We now invited mainly community/channel managers and moderators to the community since we think for these groups it has the most interest to become a member. For developers, it could now be interesting to talk about the use of API’s, but even more in the future once we’ve opened up our templates.

Who from inSided will join?
  • Consultants - for knowledge sharing, answering your questions and making sure all new customers know where to find this community.
  • Product - answering your questions, share product updates, gather feedback on the product and innovate on specific roadmap items
  • Management Team - write a regular update on inSided strategy
  • Marketing - end responsibility for this community, takes care of internal alignment, shares news
And to close off this topic, I like to share the video that we used at the Event to introduce inSpired.

Any thoughts on this? Please share!

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