What’s new in branded Templates – January 11, 2018

  • 11 January 2018
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New year, new updates. We’ve added category permissions. This lets you control whether members can create topics or post comments in a specific category. Also we’ve added and improve some functionalities for the articles module. Here’s a roundup:

Category permissions
This feature is available for all our templates (including non-branded).
Do your members keep mistakenly posting topics within your 'official' categories? Make the category read-only using category permissions. This lets you control whether members can create topics or post comments in a specific category. Read more in the How-to article

Show and edit article labels in Control
Published an article but forgot to add a label or picked the wrong label? No worries, from now on you can view, add, edit or delete article labels after you’ve published it. Head over to the article moderation page in Control where you’ll find the option to manage your label next to the ‘Assign moderator’ dropdown.

Improvements 🤒
- Aligned topic icon size between category overview and related topics widget
- Aligned login button in IE in category pages to the right

Fixed 🐛
- You can view and edit feature images for articles again in the article moderation page in Control
- Text issue on featured banners
- Layout issue where background-color behind featured topics was different on mobile viewports

We value your feedback. If you have ideas or suggestions for improvements let us know in the comments below 👇

6 replies

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Yay! By the way, category permissions are not just available for Branded templates and the settings are adjustable per subforum.
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You are right Jurgen, I've updated the description 🙂
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Hei Yoeri, did the profile images in branded templates changed? It look differend🤔
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Hi @Tanja - we changed the default avatar view, read more about it in the release notes: https://community.insided.com/news-updates-16/what-s-new-in-branded-templates-january-19-2018-472 ☺
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I like this feature, but can you adjust the default avatars colors in control? That would be a nice addition, methinks?
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Thanks Jurgen. The colors are not adjustable at this moment, it is something we thought about but that would increase development and release time significantly. Therefore we carefully selected a pastel color scheme that is visually pleasing on a wide range of different communities.