What did we do with the outcome of our survey?

  • 3 September 2019
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Before the summer, we sent you a survey to ask for your feedback on both the product as well as our services. What were the main learnings and what has happened since then? We would like to share our main takeaways as well as the actions that we have done and the changes we will implement in the upcoming weeks.

What was the main feedback we got?
  • You would love to learn more regarding the best practices from other communities. Especially sharing knowledge with companies that have a community with a similar maturity level or that are in the same vertical as yours.
  • There is a request for more guidance on what could be improved in your community. What is going well? What could be done better? The comparison with other communities, reaching goals and having an understanding of the potential are important factors in this.
  • Data insights are important and there is a need for more insights and reporting strategies.
  • Have more clarity and background information on the feature building processes. Explain why things are built, who requested it, what it does and how it could be used to its full potential.
  • Be more strict in upfront communication when changes to the platform are coming up. It should not be the case that end users are noticing a change first (and report it to moderators or community managers).
  • The handling of bugs should be improved, mainly the number of bugs and the resolution time.
What have we done already?
  • Having more focus on the sharing of best practices, the differences between verticals and the age of communities. For instance; we have created articles with best practices that we spotted at our B2B and Telco customers. Next, to that, we will focus more on mature communities and give tips and tricks to review established communities, like the existing community structure and integrations.
  • We started sending click events to Google Analytics to provide you with more insights into how your community is doing. We are happy to hear your feedback and other events that you would like to measure on inSpired. We have also established a SalesForce integration which will help you gain more intelligence on your community and its impact by linking community members and their activity to Contacts and Accounts in Salesforce. Also, check out our analytics guide - we have designed it to help you to structure your analysis and the tools you use for it.
  • We have analyzed our communication processes that are related to feature releases. We will provide you with more background information about why something is built and include use cases so you can make the most of them. We have also started to send our Roadmap Updates by e-mail so you and other stakeholders within your organization are aware of what is coming up. Changes that are visual to your end-users will be communicated upfront, and this includes changes that have an impact on your moderator team.
  • In order to bring down the number of bugs, we are placing more greater emphasis on the bug resolution rate to reduce the number of bugs in our platform.
What is coming up?
  • We will organize more (online) meetups with smaller numbers of customers that are similar to each other so they can share more in-depth knowledge that matches their situation. Every customer will be invited at least once a quarter.
  • In order to provide you with more guidance on how your community is doing; during the upcoming months we will release some calculators that you could use to quickly calculate how well your community is doing related to content, traffic and activation measurements as well as how you could improve.
  • Soon we will share some more benchmarks and updates on trends that we see within the communities of our customers. We will also work on more material around KPI’s and measuring success. As we would love to validate these metrics, we might reach out to you to ask if you are open to review the metrics we came up with.
  • We will keep involving our customers in improving our product and services. So, therefore, we will keep reaching out for your feedback and hope to see you in one of our beta or pilot groups to test out upcoming platform features.
We would love to keep hearing from you, so please keep telling us how we can improve! Just leave a reply below or send me an e-mail via martine@insided.com

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