Want to know what we are working on ? Check out our roadmap !

  • 22 March 2017
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We are constantly adding new exciting features to our platform. Every time we release something new, we post about it on the inSpired community to share our excitement and get valuable feedback from you.

To provide more transparency on what is coming, we have a customer facing roadmap. The roadmap shows what we are working on at the moment and what is planned for the near future.

The roadmap also provides an overview on what has been released the past few months. For each feature, a block is available on the timeline.

The roadmap is interactive; when clicking on a feature, you get access to a short description and if available, a link to a website that provides more information.

We update the roadmap on a monthly base. You can find an up to date version here : http://bit.ly/inSidedRoadmap

Let me now if you like it, or if there is something you would change about the way we represent the roadmap.

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