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  • 19 June 2017
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At inSided we like to work closely together with our customers. In our Innovation labs we discuss the roadmap and gather feedback on new product features. We share our roadmap: to show where we are working on and what’s planned in the near future. And we continuously improve our products by showing early work in progress during meetings and here on the inSpired community. The only feedback we are missing in this story is the feedback from the actual end-user.

Sometimes we find feedback on the communities of our customers, like this topic: from the Tele-2 community. But we would like to involve the end-user more often during the design process to make sure that we've designed the right solution, before we start to develop anything.

Last year we had a Usability test together with one of our customers. In this usability test we invited 8 end-users (6 regular customers and 2 superusers) to give feedback on the existing community and a clickable prototype of the new Unified platform. Every participant had to perform a few task on the existing community. After we presented them the redesign of the new Unified platform in a clickable prototype. The usability test gave us very important insights on what worked good or not good and helped us to confirm that we were moving in the right direction.

What is Usability testing?
- A qualitative research method
- Testing with 5 till 8 users is enough to highlight the main issues
- Observing the behaviour of the end-user during a specific task
- Let users think out loud or ask to explain what they are doing and why

Why its important to do Usability testing?
- To confirm if you made the right assumptions
- To build empathy with the user and understand their behaviour and problems
- To identify usability problems in an early stage
- To design better products

We’ve planned another usability test at Wednesday the 5th of July. We are still looking for a total of 6 end-users to test our product. The test takes 45 minutes and participants will be rewarded. Please help us with finding participants and share this post with your network or on the community: http:///

A usability test takes some time to set up, but in the end it gives a lot of valuable information. If you are interested in helping us with future research and usability testing or finding participants, please add a comment below or send me a PM.

2 replies

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Hi @Marianne great iniciative!

i would like to be a tester, but unfortunately I won´t be able to join you in Amsterdam. Is there a way for you to send me a link, PPT our questionaire so I can answer it on my computer?
Good to hear that you like to help us with testing @tomasmouton. The upcoming Usability test will be with end-users, not moderators. So people who are less familiar with our community. But we will definitely do user testing with moderators soon and we are looking into tools to make remote Usability testing more easy. Thank you for your interest and I will keep you posted on future usability tests.