Updates to 'User Profile Fields' in Control

  • 13 February 2019
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We made some changes to the User profile fields section in Control. From now on profile fields are more versatile, here's a summary of the changes:
  • Default profile fields (Gender & Date of Birth) can be renamed, edited and removed. They now act as any other profile field.
  • Birthday date picker has been added as a field type. This date picker allows the user to select a date and wether he wants to display that information on his profile.
With these changes it is now possible to add a third Gender option as proposed in this idea.

You can check the changes and see what is new in Control > General Settings > User profile fields

4 replies

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Hi @Yoeri,

on behalf of @Riina and our community a big THANKS for this one - it is highly appreciated :)

I've already gone ahead and added a third gender option "Other" to our community 🙂
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Hi @Yoeri do you happen to know if it’s made clear to the user which fields will be private and which ones are public?



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@timcavey If it is a private field, then there is an indicator next to the field title. You can see it for yourself if you open your profile here on inSpired, then click on “Edit profile”. You’ll find the fields “Company” and “Gender” will have a “(Private)” indicator.

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Thanks! You are right. Private fields will be indicated as such: