The Sonos Community just got a re-design

  • 29 December 2016
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A few days ago our shiny new community designs went live. A big part of the project was transitioning to responsive templates, but we also wanted to align with the latest Sonos visual style as well as implement a number of UX improvements that our users have been asking for since we first went live in August 2015. Some of the requests we incorporated into the designs were around making better use of space on each page, having more useful 'active since last visit' and 'search results' overviews, making it easier to see which topics are unread (the titles are now bold) and much more. We also love having the ability to 'feature' topics on the homepage in a beautiful visual way. We think it's a big improvement.

A big thank you to everyone on the inSided team who worked with us to make it happen!

2 replies

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Congrats with the new design Kenneth! It looks nice and clean 🙂 Did you get any feedback from the community members?
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Thanks Martine! Yep, some folks appreciate things like the BBCode buttons and the new layouts we're using for search results and 'active since last visit'. Those overviews present more information and are more useful now. On the flip-side, a lot of our power-users still wish we were on something like vBulletin instead, and we get a lot of complaints about the white backgrounds being too bright, but that's part of our online brand identity. I think that's a tension many of us have seen on communities when we steer away from the look and feel of very traditional old-school forums to something more modern and aimed at being accessible to a broader audience.