The evolution of communities (inSpired event interviews part 2)

The evolution of communities (inSpired event interviews part 2)
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Hi all,

as promised in our previous article from last week, we have a number of interviews from the inSpired event which we still want to share with you! :)

Our interviewees from this week are some real experts in Community Management. Hence it will be worth taking your time to hear how they see their job evolving. So without further ado, let's have a look at what they have to say!

Tim - Moderator @ OVO Community

@timcavey tells a really nice story about how communities are helping people, and how he as a Moderator is actively supporting users to get help when they really need it. Listen what he regards as their biggest challenge as the OVO community is now going into its second year after launch:

Issam - Moderator @ T-Mobile Community

T-Mobile NL were the first to use inSided as a platform. Of course they are quite advanced in managing their community. Hear what Issam thinks communities will evolve into within the next years, and what he thinks was his biggest achievement in working on the community:

Ditte - Community Manager @ Sonos Community

@Ditte tells us what the next steps for the Sonos community will be. I think she makes a very important point about seamlessly integrating the community into the customer journey. Just as important I find her argument about user engagement: "be honest about what you want from your users".

That's it for this week, folks! Have a great weekend and keep inSpiring each other! :D



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