Temporary measure: reducing rate at which inSided Salesforce integrations fetch data

  • 27 September 2021
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We’re temporarily reducing the rate at which the inSided x Salesforce integrations pull data from Salesforce. Instead of every 6 hours, data will be pulled every 24 hours. We expect this measure to stay in place for approximately 2-4 weeks. After this, we plan to return back to the 6 hour cycle.

When is this temporary measure in effect from?
This change will take place from today.

Who does this measure apply to?

This applies customers in both the US and EU regions.

Why is this temporary measure being taken?
We’re taking this temporary measure to make it easier for us to improve some underlying performance issues that’ll make the Salesforce integration more robust in the long term.

Affected integrations

Both Salesforce integrations that rely on Contact/Account data imported from Salesforce will be affected:

  • Export community member and activity data to Salesforce
  • [Beta] Import Salesforce Account data to inSided

Impact on your experience with the Salesforce integrations

Any new/changed/deleted Contacts or Accounts will be pulled into inSided on every 24 hours instead of every 6 hours.

This means that there’s a longer cycle between a Community Member being linked to a Contact that has been newly created in Salesforce. Or for example, when changing the company that a community member is linked to on inSided, if the Account linked to the Contact changes in Salesforce.

Any questions?

We’re happy to hear any questions you’ve got - feel free to add reply to this topic if you need more information or clarity on this temporary measure.

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