Search for Zendesk Guide content through your inSided community platform 🕵️‍♀️

  • 20 November 2019
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Search for Zendesk Guide content through your inSided community platform 🕵️‍♀️
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We have good news for those who are running a Zendesk Guide knowledge base, as of today it is possible to search for Zendesk guide content directly in your community with our latest federated search feature! Sometimes community members are looking for an answer to a question that has never been asked on your community, but are available on your Zendesk Guide knowledge base. 

We built a “federated search” integration that allows your community members to simultaneously search through your community content AND Zendesk Guide knowledge base. Saving them valuable time and increasing your self-service resolution rate.

You need to have a public Zendesk Guide knowledge base set up in order to make use of this feature.

With federated search you can:

✅ Show Zendesk Guide content in your community live-search dropdown and search result pages
✅ Directly navigate to Zendesk Guide articles from the community
✅ Filter the search result pages between community results and Zendesk guide result
✅ Configure which language and Zendesk categories to show in federated search

You can enable federated search in Control > Settings > Integrations. You need to have an integration with Zendesk Support installed to use federated search. Read this guide how to setup the installation and how to activate federated search: Search for Zendesk Guide content through your community - a brief tutorial

Please add a reply below if you you have any questions, or feedback on this feature! 👇

6 replies

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Just a warning to people before setting up this integration –

Right now it will surface ALL articles you have in Zendesk, including internal knowledge base articles that are not meant to be public. In this case, it seems clicking on these articles returns a 404 error. It’s my understanding that inSided is working on a fix for this. 

Thanks to @Shane for alerting me to this.

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Yes, that’s correct, we’re working on fixing this, so the internal private articles will not show up in the results list. We’ll update you here once this is done.

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We have added 2 configuration options to the Federated search setup. It is now possible to filter for a specific language and specific Zendesk categories. Expand the Advanced Filters panel in Control > Settings > Integrations to configure these filters.

Tagging @LauraPortalupi as you might be interested in this :)

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I meant to tag @LPortalupi :D

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Hi @Yoeri. Finally trying to get this integration turned on – is the default that only public knowledge base articles are surfaced? Or is this something I have to set up through the Advanced filters → Filter by category? Thank you.

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If your Zendesk Knowledge base offers public and private articles you’ll have to set this up through the advanced filters :)

We advice to set it up on your staging environment first, this way you can test the behavior and make sure unwanted (private) articles are not indexed.