Roadmap Update March 2019

  • 1 March 2019
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Roadmap Update March 2019
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In 2019 we continue our focus on making it easy to find content on our platform. In the last couple of months, we introduced quick links and homepage recommendations to better guide users to the right content. We improved the technology so that we can offer more relevant content. We introduced to encourage Google to create rich snippets for answered questions, and we made it easier to create rich content by introducing our new WYSIWYG editor in control. We are proud to show the latest and greatest on our own Help Center which we opened up publicly.

In the upcoming weeks, we will work on further optimizing the way how users can find content, by introducing a parent category page and upgrading our embeddable widgets. Read about the most important upcoming releases below.

Make it easier to browse through content with ‘Parent Categories’

  • We are working on a parent category page which allows users to have an overview of all content from multiple categories in a single page. This allows you to present your users a single destination that only includes content which is relevant to them.
  • This feature has recently been announced and is available for testing on your staging environment already.
  • Read Coming soon: Parent categories to learn more.

Upgrades to Embeddable Widgets

  • We will upgrade the look & feel of the embeddable to improve the reading and browsing experience. The trigger used to open the conversational widget already got a small facelift.
  • Search will be added to the conversational widget, allowing users to search all the content from your platform.
  • We’ll optimize the search relevancy to serve the best content possible.

Streamline your support workflow by escalating community posts to Zendesk from Control

  • Sometimes community members post issues that can’t be solved by the community, like a bug with one of your products, or an issue that’s unique to their account. In this case, the only route to a solution is to pass the information on to your support team.
  • For customers using Zendesk, we’re building an integration that will allow you to quickly escalate any question, conversation, or reply to a ticket on Zendesk Support, via Control.
  • By embedding this escalation button directly within Control, we aim to save you time and eliminate the frustration of switching between different platforms.

Core platform improvements

  • We’re still in progress with rolling out core platform improvements to all of your communities.
  • Once your community has been upgraded to the new version (you can tell by the appearance of a blue ‘create topic’ button in Control), you’ll be eligible to start using API 2.0 (containing all key functionality for Conversations, Questions, and Articles), as well as webhooks.
  • Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support whilst we patch the issues with the improvements.

Completed product improvements since the previous update:

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Looks great! I´m very interesting about escalating community posts to Zendesk from Control. When it will be available?

Thank you!

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Looks great! I´m very interesting about escalating community posts to Zendesk from Control. When it will be available?

Thank you!

Hi Paula,

We plan to release the first version of escalating posts to Zendesk before the end of March.
Check that out @Paula V
Streamline your support workflow: escalate community posts to Zendesk from Control 💁‍♀️🤖