Roadmap update #17

  • 25 June 2020
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Roadmap update #17
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At inSided we are slowly moving back to the office, and even had our first party (keeping a 1.5-meter distance, of course!) in the park this week to celebrate inSided’s 10th anniversary 🎉 All our client meetings and events are still taking place online. We are really thankful to you for keeping engaged with us: In conference calls, on webinars, via email, and of course especially over here at our inSpired community. Many of the items we have been working on over the past few weeks directly came from your feedback and are optimized because you have participated in our beta programs and provided your feedback on the releases 🙏

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll continue to work on the moderation experience. Plus, we’re working on ideation, product communication, analytics and mass messaging. 

Here’s a quick look at our releases since the previous update:

Coming up: What we’re working on

Upgrades to ideation

  • We’re working on a new approach for ideas. Rather than having a community category dedicated to ideas, we’re creating a separate space in our platform with a clear focus, and purpose-built features for ideation

  • Dedicated ideation overview in Control with advanced filtering capabilities

  • Moderation improvements: It will be possible to transfer votes from one idea to another with a merge tool and to automatically inform interested users on idea status updates

Product updates

  • Close the feedback loop with your customers using a new topic type: product updates

  • Much like articles, this topic type empowers you to write beautiful updates from inside the Control environment

  • Product updates will be available in a single place in the platform that your users can subscribe to

Product areas

  • A new type of metadata that can be assigned to ideas and product updates

  • Manage (add, edit, delete) product areas in Control

  • Filter content on product areas

More improvements to the moderation overview (currently in beta)

  • Thank you to all of those who have given feedback on the new moderation overview - shout out to  @ErikT @aluciani @bjoern_schulze @Koen Sterken @Suvi Lehtovaara @Patomiäs @josh-sp @lilakmeyer in particular!

  • We’ve got plenty of input to kickstart our second major iteration on the new overview, which will include:

    • More columns visible on the overview (including the ‘status’ column showing whether at least one moderator on the team has read a topic).

    • Ability to customise the columns that display on the overview.

    • An even further improved UX for speedy and convenient moderation.

    • Bulk actions for topic moderation.

    • And a couple of bug fixes for issues you helped us find!

Messaging and inviting improvements

  • We’re looking into improvements to help you increase the reach and engagement of your community via messaging and invites. We’re still in the early stages of product research—stay tuned for more information!

Analytics improvements

  • We’re investigating ways to improve reporting and analytics on inSided, helping you show the value of the platform to your management team and stakeholders.

Skilljar Federated Search

  • Integrate with Skilljar

  • Show Skilljar courses in your community live-search dropdown and search result page

  • Filter search result pages between community results and Skilljar courses

Update on personalization

  • In the previous roadmap update we mentioned that we started to investigate personalization capabilities.

  • We’ve concluded our research, but as a result of COVID-19 we prioritized other improvements and decided to move personalization further down the roadmap as a result.

We hope that you all will find something valuable coming in the next few weeks. As usual, we’d love to hear your thoughts so that we can take them into consideration.

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I’ve been interviewing community members the last few weeks, and a personalized homepage experience based on their individual interests keeps coming up as a desired improvement. I think it would also help us appeal to a broader audience/different types of personas, beyond our Gainsight admins who have traditionally been our primary community users.  

Also, our education team uses the Skilljar LMS, so the integration sounds interesting!


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Yes, some kind of personalized experience would be great and a differentiator. I am also keen on hearing more about the Messaging and inviting improvements. This is a great way to reach out to members.

Maybe even a on-boarding workflow. Something like the ability to send emails out during a specific time period with actions - 3, 7, 14 days out, etc - if this is still an effective tactic.