Roadmap Update #16

  • 19 March 2020
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Roadmap Update #16
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Here we are, nearing the end of Q1 2020 and what a strange and difficult situation we all find ourselves in. The whole team here at inSided hopes that you, your family, friends and colleagues are coping as well as possible with the current situation!

How about a welcome break with our latest Roadmap Update? ☕

We’ve got some great new releases we’re excited to share with you all, including: 

  • The all-new Homepage configuration: this is a huge step to help you optimize for your various different use cases and custom styles

  • We’re extremely proud to have delivered so many ideas from you—our beloved community! 

  • We’re looking forward to helping you all bring your offline communities online, with user groups and events (more below) — especially now. 

Here’s a quick look at our releases since the previous update:

Coming up: What we’re working on:


  • Engage with like-minded community users who are passionate about the same interest, industry or role

  • Create and manage public or private groups from Control

  • View and manage group members, see who is part of your group, accept or deny new members and remove members who misbehave

  • Your community members can browse public- and private groups. Join a group, see its members and post new topics and replies to it

Customization improvements

  • Following up the Customization mode we’ll continue working on improving and expanding the capabilities of the customization mode.

  • As part of these improvements you can expect new homepage widgets, a new topic list view and more general design improvements.


  • We will start investigating how we can serve more relevant (personalized) content to a segment of users. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this subject, send a private message to @Yoeri as we would love to hear your feedback on this subject.

Salesforce Federated search

  • We’re building an integration with Salesforce to search for Knowledge base content through your inSided community platform

  • View Salesforce knowledge base articles in your community live-search and search result pages

Salesforce Support Case Escalation

  • We’ll provide you with the ability to create Salesforce cases from community posts directly in Control.

  • This makes it really easy to notify your support team, and give them quick context on issues customers raise on the community that can’t be handled by other customers, or the community team.

Tag management

  • We’re going to give you a better way to manage the tags users can create on the community, with the outcome of making tags more useful for your users to find relevant content around a subject on the community.

  • This includes a way to manage tags in Control (create, edit, delete), and a way to prevent users from adding tags on the fly (as well as a way to suggest tags from the ‘official’ list).

Ideation workflow

  • We’re looking into ways of making it easier for you to manage your ideation processes on the community, whether it’s highlighting the latest official response to an idea, or closing the loop in a more effective way with all customers interested in the idea.

So with all that said, we’re looking forward to continuing our momentum into next quarter and bringing you even more rich features and functionality. Let us know here on inSpired what your focus is right now and how you’re utilizing your community to help you through this challenging period. Until the next update, stay well! 

4 replies

That’s a lot:clap:  Very happy with the article scheduling and the article preview:ok_hand: I’m going to check the other updates soon. 

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Lots of great work here - well done! Love the Article Scheduling - time saver :thumbsup:

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This is great!! Excited about the improvements to customization. 

Have you considered prioritizing making events more functional, especially during a time when there is an uptick in virtual events, as stated in the newsletter? Below is a post my colleague @rory made that I think would be super helpful. If people want this to happen, please go upvote/reply


Auto-emails and calendar invites for registered event attendees

“Having the ability to create events is great, however not being able to send confirmation emails, reminder emails, or a calendar invite to attendee’s isn’t ideal.

At least giving them the option to select iCal, Google Cal, etc. on the event attendee confirmation pop-up would be an improvement. Email confirmations and reminders are a must though.

Follow up- being able to pull GET requests via the API for Event Attendee’s so we can take our own action when someone signs would be helpful.”

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Hi Briana, 

Thanks for your additions. We’re actually looking into improvements for the event functionality as well. Thanks for highlighting the idea from your colleague, good to get some more traction there :)