Request for research participation - Community user survey

Hello and good afternoon to everyone,

My name is Seline van Dijk and I’m a CMD (communication and multimedia design) student at the HAN in Arnhem.

Currently I’m doing my graduation project at Insided, based around the improvement of short- and long term user engagement.  

For my research on this topic I wanted to get some real user feedback on why they are using the community and what they like and dislike about it.

I would like to do this in the form of a survey, and am posting here to ask if anyone would be willing to participate in this venture by allowing me to post the survey on their community or by posting the survey yourselves.

In a few months, think december or january, I’d like to test the new functions I’ll be designing with the community users again to refine them. This will be a survey too, and I’m asking in advance if anyone would like to participate in this one as well.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to participate in either one of these or both.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to your replies!

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Hi Seline,

Sonos would love to support your studies. :)

Thank you very much, that is wonderful to hear!

The survey can be found at the link below:

Would you prefer to post it yourself or shall I? I can see pros and cons for both so it's up to your preference.
hello Seline

we already have a survey on our community in order to measure call avoidance so I think it will be difficult to add this.

kind regards
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Thank you nonetheless for your reply!
good luck!
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Hi @Seline van Dijk We'd love to help but are starting to explore survey functionality ourselves so timing wise this just doesn't work for us.

Good luck with it though, let us know if you get any good insight!!


Sorry to hear that, but thank you for letting me know!

Thank you for the well wishes and you will certainly hear more about this project in the future!
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@Seline van Dijk if you still need participants we'd be happy to help (TomTom).
@Lorna The user survey mentioned in the first post has already been closed and finished, but if you would be willing to help out with a user test I have scheduled for end december-start january that would be wonderful! That one will be more of a design and usability test.
Thank you very much for offering!
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we just moved to branded templates, does that make a difference to you?
@Lorna Yes, but a positive one! I'm supposed to be designing for the branded template so being able to test users from a branded template community would be superb.