🏖️ Publish content even whilst you're on holiday, with article scheduling

  • 28 February 2020
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🏖️ Publish content even whilst you're on holiday, with article scheduling
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I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the #2-voted idea on inSpired (with a whopping 46 votes), article scheduling! Thanks to @tomasmouton for submitting the original idea.

Your online community never sleeps or takes a holiday. But you should, and we want to help you! No more bringing your laptop to the beach, asking colleagues to publish something for you, or setting reminders to publish an article at a particular time - from now on, that’s all automated by article scheduling.

With article scheduling you can:

:white_check_mark: Schedule a draft article to be published on a particular date/time in the future.
:white_check_mark: Cancel the scheduled publishing, in case your plans change.
:white_check_mark: See who has scheduled an article and when, to help your content team collaborate.

We hope this will help you get ahead on your content calendar and schedule in a bunch of great articles for your community. We hope this will also help all of you who are starting brand-new communities, so you can launch your community with a bunch of fresh content.

Special thanks to @Koen Sterken @freydrew and @bjoern_schulze for helping with usability and beta testing of this feature :bulb: 🧪⚗️.

Let us know what you think of the new article scheduling feature in the replies - we’re excited to hear whether you like it, and any feedback you have so we can improve it further.

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