Product Updates now previewing on InSpired

  • 27 August 2020
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Product Updates now previewing on InSpired
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If you are communicating any form of product updates to your community on a regular basis you will be happy with this - we are currently working on a new content type, specifically focussing on this usecase: Meet Product Updates.


With product updates, you can bridge the transparency gap between you and your customers around the product and functionalities that you offer.


This new module includes:

:white_check_mark: Create a new topic type “Product update” in Control
:white_check_mark: View all product updates on a centralized page
:white_check_mark: Subscribe to product updates
:white_check_mark: Assign Product updates to product areas (e.g. Product A, Version X, Premium only)
:white_check_mark: Collaborate with colleagues on the perfect product update with draft, preview


Today we are happy to announce that we are previewing this module on our own community InSpired! :tada:

View the new inSpired Product Updates

Read this article in Product Updates



Product updates examples

In case you are wondering when you should write a product update. You can use product updates in the following scenario’s:

  • New product or feature release
  • Announcing a new product or feature
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap updates


How to get started

If you want to have early access, you can get in touch with you Customer Success manager to get the Product Updates module enabled. We’ve prepared a set of articles and guides help you get started right away. Head over to our knowledge base to learn how to create product updates, best practices for writing product updates and more.

Your feedback

As usual, we want to know your questions, what you think and how you would like us to improve this module! We have some plans already, however we count on you to help us shape this new module so that you can get the most out of it once it is officially released.

6 replies

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We’ve been using the KB for this. Can I convert content from KB articles to product updates? 

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The landing page for product updates doesn’t seem to have an own page title (meta title) so it uses the generic page title:

For SEO purposes I propose that every community can setup their own page title (to something like “[Company name] Product news and updates”). 

Another question:

The content in the product updates is also to be found in “News & Platform updates”. Examples:

Is this one piece of content that was published twice to different categories (and with different IDs / URLs)? Or did you create two different topics using the exact same titles, images and text body?

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@Kgastaldo to answer your question, we will soon work on a script that will allow to duplicate the article on any category into the product updates module, so yes it will be possible!

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@bjoern_schulze thanks a lot for your remarks. We are working to add the customization mode for the Product Updates page so you will be able to choose the title, tagline, and image you'd like. I will let you know once it's available.

About the duplicates, we created those by hand as an intermediary solution to be able to preview Product Updates on InSpired. Once we have a few missing features done and have a script to populate existing articles into the product updates module, we will get rid of the "News and Platform updates" category.

Those functionalities are very high in our priorities so I will keep you posted with more info soon! :)

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Any idea when this will go live? This is useful to me.

I don’t want to be on the beta but rather wait till it goes live. Thanks

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@aluciani Good to know you're interested in using it. We are aiming at releasing it this quarter, time for us to finish a few beta limitations. I'll keep you informed when released.