Post Fields cannot be moved for now

  • 10 October 2019
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:mega:  Hi all :mega:


We have an announcement for those of you who are using post fields in their moderation strategy.

It has been brought to our attention that when a post is moved to a new topic or made into a topic, we do not preserve the post field data.


We have investigated this issue and, at the moment, it looks like in order to fix it we would need a maintenance window which would take all communities offline. We like to limit as much as possible any disruption to your communities and your daily activity on our platform. Therefore after analysing how many of our customers make use of the post fields feature on a regular basis, we have decided to not go forward with this solution and will continue to look for another fix which would not require taking any communities offline. 

In the meantime, we want to make you aware of this issue and advise you to make note of the post fields on posts before performing any action on them. After you have moved or created a topic out of a specific post, then you will need to add the post fields manually back. It is slightly time consuming and not a convenient way to moderate posts, but for now we feel it’s better than causing disruption for all customers. 


As one of our core values is Never Settle, we will continue to look for a better solution to fix this issue and make the moderation work as seemlessly as possible for you. Thank you for your patience and collaboration!



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@Ditte I think this is relevant for you, @timcavey probably as well?