Platform 504 timeouts and general slowness

  • 11 November 2019
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We have traced the origin of this issue to a slow running query responsible for sorting by number of likes on the category pages; when we get a lot of crawler traffic in a short time hitting this particular functionality it result in the slowdowns seen on the platform.

As a temporary measure, until the query causing this problem is made more performant, we will consider temporarily removing the sort by likes functionality to prevent this from reoccuring.


Hi all, we just wanted to address some issues regarding recent slowness and timeouts of the platform. We have seen multiple instances recently of platform timeouts and we just wanted to let you know we are working on this issue with the highest priority internally.


What is affected?

This is having a knock on effect mainly in the control backend environment of the platform, often preventing you from logging in there. Most of the platform requests are still going through but are just taking much longer to complete that normal.

This affects EU customers only - US based communities are not affected.

We are committed to resolving this issue ASAP - and we apologise for the continued inconvenience caused by this :)

Please remember to subscribe to for status updates - we will also continue to share updates regarding this issue in this topic too.

3 replies

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Update provide above :)

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Instead of removing the function entirely, would it make sense to disallow those items in robots.txt? I think this does it?

Disallow: /*?sort=*
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Hi @Drew C.most of the user agents are done by bots that will probably not obey the laws of the robots.txt file unfortunately - so we went for this option until the query can be better refined. We hope this hasn’t caused too much inconvenience for everyone!