Notification of platform update: We will be migrating to jQuery 3.4.1 [on Wednesday the 19th February]

  • 13 November 2019
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Post update: We will be migrating to version 3.4.1


Hi there! We wanted to alert everyone to an upcoming change we’re going to make on the platform, we will be soon upgrading the jQuery library used to version 3+.


What will this affect?

We know that a lot of you have built cool 3rd party integrations (e.g. customizations which you have added under [Settings] - [Third-party Scripts]) - a lot of which are dependant on the older version of jQuery that we currently have in the platform, these could theoretically be affected by this upgrade. We will be making quite a large jump from version 2.2.4 to version 3.4.1


What do I need to do about it?

You will need to conduct an audit of your current 3rd party scripts to check the references to the older version of jQuery. There is quite a helpful guide that goes into quite a bit of detail on how to accomplish this in the best way Although the authors of jQuery are pretty good at accommodating old code references when upgrading their library, we still urge you to conduct your own code review to look to any deprecated functions or reliances - please refer to the items labeled ‘deprecations’ or ‘Breaking Change’ in the jQuery upgrade guide.


We are starting the work on the upgrade this week - at present we cannot foresee exactly just how long the upgrade will take, but we predict that at least 2 -3 sprints (of 2 weeks) will be required for this upgrade. We will keep this topic alive with new information as and when it is available.


Any questions, as always please just let us know! :sunglasses:

4 replies

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You’re starting this week?! And you don’t know what version we’ll end up on?

Have you already started?

When is it ‘our turn’? 

I want to make sure that I can get someone here at Sonos to have a look at our code to ensure it’s still up to date (that is, if we know what to look for….), however this is quite short notice…!

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Hi @Ditte - i should have specified we’re starting the audit this week to see how much of the platform we’ll need to update to accommodate this new version - we’re not deploying anything for the time being to production and once we do we’ll make sure you’re all well informed beforehand

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Hi all just letting you know the version has been decided on: 3.4.1

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[Update] - Apologies for the delay in this - the patch took longer than originally envisaged. But we can confirm the switch to the newer version will be deployed this week Wednesday the 19th February :)