New editor for new articles now available in Control 🎉

  • 16 September 2019
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New editor for new articles now available in Control 🎉
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We’re extremely excited to share that our new and improved editor is now available! Write beautiful articles from scratch with a wide-range of formatting capabilities. 

Learn more: Write better articles with the improved editor

Some of the extra’s you can do now:

  • Multi
    • level
      • lists
  • Code blocks with code syntax highlighting
  • Image captions
  • Inline code formatting
  • Text color
    • Text background color
  • Horizontal lines
  • Tables
  • Callouts in 5 different colors

  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, we’re looking forward to read your next-level articles!

9 replies

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This is great! Eager to see it in the editor for "regular" posts too!
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And when it will be released for the whole community?

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Hi Stas,

as far as I know we are currently still busy refining the editor, to make sure that all users have the best experience possible once we switch over. It probably will take a couple of weeks more, there is no definitive deadline as we want to deliver quality.

The editor already works quite well, however we still need to fix a number of smaller things - if you help us testing it here your feedback might help us to roll it out to the whole community quicker. ;)

Nevertheless you can be sure that we will inform you a few days before we release it, so that you are aware of it and can communicate to your users.


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I am added an image using the new editor, and would like to asked if images should be now resizable  as I cannot resize them.

thanks, Claudia

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Images are not resizable, they will proportionally scale down to the width of the container. By clicking on an image it will open in a lightbox. When an image is smaller than the container it will display in the center :) 

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@Julian, @tom.shaddock, @Yoeri 

colleagues, hi!

have you already defined a date for releasing a new editor?

our Japanese users really waiting for it.


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Hey @stanislav.fedoseev,

the new editor is already available - also for end users. Can you ask them if the issue you reported for the old editor still occurs? According to my colleagues this should be solved since the new editor has been released.

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as I understood, it is only available for articles. For answers, questions there is still an old editor, right?

issue is fixed in a new editor! so, they are waiting for release for the whole community.

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We recently released the new editor everywhere; articles, questions, answers, ideas, conversations, and replies in both Control and in the whole community (for your end-users) :)